Personal Liability

Commercial General and Directors / Officers Liability

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Tenant / Rental

We will also make sure you have a proper liability coverage in case of third party injury or in the event you are held liable.

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Your insurance specialist can guide you to the best coverage for all aspects of the oil and gas industry.

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At Kelly Insurance Brokers, we have been providing coverage for the trucking industry and it’s cargo for decades.

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Home Business

Proper coverage for equipment and liability is essential for any home based operation

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Proper insurance will not only protect your property & equipment but also even protect you from potential losses from downtime.

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Whether you run a small or large business, Kelly Insurance can research your options and offer better solutions

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We’ll help you customize the right coverage for your vacation or business travels.

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Discuss your event plan with your insurance representative so we can ensure you are properly covered.

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ATV / Sled

Separate policies are available that not only cover damage & theft but also full replacement cost coverage.

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Depending on the value of your boat, a special marine policy can often save you money.

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RV / Trailer

We offer complete coverage packages for both recreational users and RV for business travel or On-Site work related accommodation.

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Do you consider your cottage to be your “home away from home” or just a periodic retreat from the bustle of every day life?

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At Kelly Insurance Brokers, we take the time to make sure your home coverage process is simple and understandable.

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From basic packages for clients who want simple coverage to “extended coverage auto packs” with additional liability protection and coverage from unusual occurrences such as Fire, Theft, Glass and more.

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